Wednesday, July 27, 2011

High Raw Diet

Many studies over the past 25 years have detailed the benefits of eating mostly uncooked, plant-based foods. However, some people find that 100% raw vegan foods does not work for them. But is there a more practical way to eating raw foods than "Fully Raw 100% of the time. No exceptions"?

Jay Kordich - The Father Of Juicing

From the FAQ section of his website, 88 year old Jay Kordich details how he follows the high raw diet:

You speak about the 75/25 principle. What does that mean?

"It basically means that most of our foods should be living, raw, unadulterated, sunbaked foods. Then the other 25% can be in either soups, sprouted grains, legumes or steamed vegetables. In our book, "Live Foods - Live Bodies" we have an instructional diagram of these food groups that's easy to follow. Also, we eat more cooked foods in the fall and wintertime. Unless you live in a very warm area, where the temperature does not fall below 45 degrees throughout the year, you should be consuming warmer foods in the fall and winter, then more living foods in the spring and summer." LINK

Kevin Gianni - High Raw Diet

In his book titled, "High Raw", nutrition specialist Kevin Gianni defines a high raw diet:

"The concept of High Raw is hardly new. A High Raw food diet includes 75%–95% raw foods.
(1) Eat 75%–95% whole, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
(2) Eat 0–20% cooked vegetables, steamed vegetables, cooked legumes and cooked grains.
(3) Use the remaining 5% for FUN! You decide what fun means to you. Whether it means more raw food, animal protein or dessert, this is your time to play and enjoy yourself."

 Gianni continues: "Here’s the simplest approach: in order to eliminate a lot of confusion around nutrition and science, the basis of your entire diet should be whole foods. Not super foods, not supplements, not anything else but whole foods — ripe, raw, uncooked, whole foods."

Paul Nison discusses the High-Raw Diet

Philip McCluskey - From 100% Raw to High Raw

Philip McCluskey lost over 200 lbs. on a raw food vegan diet. Yet after living for over 4 years as a raw food vegan, McCluskey added some cooked foods back into his diet. Why? To gain muscle mass. Basically he encourages personal experimentation with possibly adding healthy, unprocessed cooked foods to an already high raw diet: LINK

"Raw Til' Dinner"

If you are looking for a practical way to begin a "High Raw Diet" or even just add more raw foods to your diet, I think you will find great advice in my other post, "Raw Til Dinner".

100% Raw Diet = High Failure Rate

Author Tom Billings from "Beyond Veg" details some common issues that many of these people run into. "Readers should be aware that 100% raw vegan diets have a dismal record of failure in the long-term. Surprisingly, mixed diets (i.e., raw plus cooked) have a better record of success, in the long-term, than do 100% raw diets." He then encourages "a DIVERSE diet that includes raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts, nuts, avocados, seeds, and if you are open to the possibility, other foods as well (e.g., cooked foods, raw dairy, raw honey, and even animal foods if you have no objections)...Diversity in diet is an important part of the solution to the calorie paradox, and food phobias or food obsessions (common problems in raw) are to be avoided." LINK


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