Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stop Signing Contracts

I just came out of a 1 year contract with a school that was quite miserable. I just signed a 2 year contract with another school that is promising to be better. I still have college loans to pay off, and there is definitely money to be made teaching in China. However, the only way getting a legal work Visa in China is by signing a contract. It's a system that I don't like, and it may ultimately chase me out of China.

Every time I sign a contract to work for someone else, I know that I am missing out on opportunities to work for myself. I love teaching guitar and I could easily be my own boss teaching private lessons out of a rented office space. Yet here I am, signing contracts like I need a boss. I'm not complaining, and I feel that my new school will be pretty nice. Yet I'm resolving that one day, I will tell myself what to do, instead of somebody else doing it for me.

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